Pursuant to the Federal Personal Data Protection Law, its Regulations and Privacy Notice Guidelines, Church & Dwight, S. de R.L. de C.V. (“Church & Dwight”), with domicile located at Jaime Balmes 8, sixth floor, offices 603 and 604, Los Morales Polanco, Postal Code 11510, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, makes this Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) available to any individual (consumers and contestants) whose personal data is submitted to treatment during the commercialization and promotion of the products offered by Church & Dwight (the “Titleholder”).

Church & Dwight states that it has taken the necessary administrative, physical and technical security measures to ensure the protection of the Titleholder’s personal data against any kind of infringement on its privacy and/or security.


Church & Dwight is entitled to collect from the Titleholder (consumer or contestant) the following personal data:

Consumer: name and email address.

Contestant: name, age, gender, date of birth, photograph, domicile, telephone number, email address, identification in social media, autograph signature, nationality and ID folio.

In the event that Church & Dwight must pay to the Titleholder any refund or compensation (consumer) or deliver any cash prize (contestant), it may request some additional personal data, consisting of: bank account numbers.

If the Titleholder is a consumer who has experienced any adverse reaction to the products of Church & Dwight, additional personal data may be requested, consisting of: date of birth, age and gender, weight, height and health condition.

The personal data of the Titleholder may be collected by Church & Dwight through the information provided by the Titleholder itself by telephone, email address, through the contact section enabled on the Church & Dwight websites (;;;;;;;,; y/o or through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, etc.).


The personal data collected by Church & Dwight will be used for the following purposes that give rise and are necessary to carry out and maintain the legal relationship with the Titleholder :

Consumers: Comply with the obligations deriving from the consumers relationship between the Titleholder and Church & Dwight, receive and respond to doubts, complaints, comments or suggestions made by the Titleholder regarding Church & Dwight's products; pay any type of reimbursement or compensation that the Titleholder was entitled to receive; comply with regulatory information obligations and/or requirements of competent authorities.

Contestants: enter, participate and give notice to winners of the contests held by Church & Dwight, and deliver the prizes to which the Titleholder had become entitled.

Church & Dwight may use the personal data from the Titleholder (consumer) to conduct surveys or interviews to evaluate the quality of the services and/or products of Church & Dwight.

The Titleholder (consumer) may refuse the treatment of its personal data for this additional purpose. For the aforementioned purpose, the Titleholder may express its refusal by means of the checking options included at the end of this Notice, which once duly completed shall be sent to Church & Dwight's Personal Data Protection Department, whether in its domicile or through the email address, both provided further on.


Church & Dwight does not use mechanisms in remote or local electronic communication means, nor optical or other technological media allowing to collect personal data automatically and simultaneously at the time in which the user contacts them.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is important to point out that Church & Dwight's website may use cookies or other similar technologies to ensure its proper functioning, e.g. for collecting or storing the information the Titleholder (user) provides through the contact section. The personal data obtained through Church & Dwight's website shall be treated, at all times, according to the terms of this Notice.

Church & Dwight will inform the Titleholder about the use of these cookies and/or technologies through visible warning signs on the website in question. The Titleholder shall be capable of disabling such cookies and technologies following the procedure indicated by its browser. It is possible that in the event that such cookies and/or technologies are disabled, the Titleholder may not be able to use certain features of Church & Dwight'swebsite.


It shall be understood that the Titleholder has granted its consent for the treatment of its personal data pursuant to the terms of this Notice if the Titleholder: (i) explicitly states it; or (ii) does not indicate opposition of any kind once this Notice has been made available to it.


Church & Dwight will be able to make domestic transfers of the personal data of the Titleholder (consumer) that presents any adverse reaction to the products of Church & Dwight to the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks to comply with regulatory obligations and/or requirements of information, as well as to the companies administrating the prizes to which the Titleholder (contestant) would have been entitled to.

Likewise, Church & Dwight will be able to make domestic and international transfers, of the Titleholder's (consumer) personal data, to holding, subsidiary or affiliate companies under Church & Dwight's control, or to a parent company or to any other company of the Church & Dwight's corporate group without the Titleholder's consent, for the following purposes: global management of consumer feedback and complaints, including responding to claims regarding drug safety, claims of adverse effects and reports of medical nature, complaints of performance/quality of the products, legal claims and product information requests.

Church & Dwight states it will not transfer the Titleholder's personal data to third parties not mentioned on this Notice, without the consent of the Titleholder, unless it is required by the competent authority or in case of an exception set forth in Article 37 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties.

Communications concerning personal data among Church & Dwight and its agents, will be considered allocations in terms of article 2, section IX of the Regulations of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties; therefore, Church & Dwight's is not obliged to report them to the Titleholder.


The Titleholder is entitled to: (i) access its personal data kept by Church & Dwight (ii); be informed of the treatment given to its personal data by Church & Dwight; (iii) request rectification of its personal data in case the information is incorrect or incomplete; (iv) request cancellation of its personal data; (v) oppose to the treatment of its personal data; and (vi) revoke its consent for the treatment of its personal data.

The Titleholder may exercise the aforementioned rights through an application, which shall comply with the following requirements: name and address of the Titleholder; supporting documents of the ID of the Titleholder or when appropriate, evidence of its representation; a clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which it intends to exercise any of the aforementioned rights and any other element that facilitates the identification of personal data.

In case the Titleholder wants to access its collected personal data, Church & Dwight will comply with its request allowing the access to the same in its offices, or by issuing hard copies, electronic documents or any other means that allow making such personal data available to the Titleholder.

The application should be filed with Church & Dwight's Personal Data Protection Department. Once the application of the Titleholder is received, it will be processed by the Personal Data Protection Department, which shall respond in a term not exceeding 20 (twenty) business days, starting from the date of the filing of the application of the Titleholder. The response of the Personal Data Protection Department will be notified in the domicile or to the email address appointed by the Titleholder.

The Titleholder (consumer) which had granted its consent to receive surveys or interviews can restrict the use of its personal data, by filling a written communication o sending an email to Church & Dwight'sPersonal Data Protection Department.

In such case, the Titleholder will be registered in the exclusion list titled “Restricted Use of Personal Data” in order for its personal data not to be treated for such additional purposes.

The contact information of the Church & Dwight's Personal Data Protection Department are the following:

Address: Jaime Balmes, number 8, sixth floor, offices 603 and 604, Los Morales Polanco, Postal Code 11510, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City.

Email address:


Church & Dwight reserves the right to modify and/or update the Notice at any time, in regards to new legal provisions and/or internal policies. Such modifications will be available at Church & Dwight's domicile and in its websites.

The Titleholder explicitly refuses to the treatment of its Personal Data for receiving surveys or interviews with the purpose of evaluating the quality Church & Dwight's services and/or products:

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